VydaTilth™ Pellets 4-4-3

Organic Chicken Manure Pellets for Organic Crops

VydaTilth Auctus™ is a sustainable line of soil and plant nutrients derived from poultry manure.

VydaTilth is a line of organic chicken manure pellets for certified organic crops. Derived from poultry manure, VydaTilth is a source of sustainable plant nutrition. 

VydaTilth maintains or increases soil organic matter and is listed through OMRI for organic production. As a result, growers can be assured of their crops’ organic status.

As an organic chicken manure pellet, its physical makeup allows for easy, uniform spreading. VydaTilth can be applied with commonly available farm equipment, such as a dry spinner fertilizer applicator, strip-till unit or manure spreader. Plus: VydaTilth has reduced smell, thanks to lower ammonia levels.

Why Use Organic Chicken Manure?

VydaTilth is derived from poultry manure in an all-natural process and is OMRI-listed for organic production. 

VydaTilth is processed by heating chicken manure to 170°F. This kills pathogens and weed seeds in the poultry manure.

Due to its heating and drying process, VydaTilth contains less water. This makes the organic chicken manure pellets easier to haul and spread. But that’s just one benefit of using organic poultry manure. VydaTilth also:

  • Improves your soil’s available moisture
  • Increases water infiltration 
  • Reduces soil erosion
  • Contains macronutrients (N, P, K), plus many micronutrients
  • Enhances your soil’s chemical and biological properties
  • Contains less than 10% moisture content

Benefits to Your Crop

  • Enhance the soil’s physical, chemical and biological properties
  • Maintain or increase soil organic matter
  • Increase soil carbon levels
  • Increase cation exchange capacity (CEC) and plant available moisture (PAM)
  • Reduce soil erosion, phosphorus runoff and nitrate leaching
  • Increase water infiltration
  • Improve soil aggregate stability

Be First in Line for VydaTilth

Due to the success of VydaTilth, Avé Organics is introducing a rapid-response wait list. This way, we can get VydaTilth to you as soon as we have it available! To be notified when supplies of VydaTilth are available in your area, fill out the form below.

Benefits to Your Bottom Line

  • Save time with greater ease of application
  • Improve nutrient utilization with more uniform spreading
  • Lower hauling costs due to low moisture content
  • Eliminate introduction of weed seed and bacteria
  • Improve plant growth for more profitable yields

VydaTilth Organic Chicken Manure Application Example