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Information for Truckers Picking Up VydaTilth Auctus

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Information for Truckers Picking Up VydaTilth Auctus

(Dry Crumble Fertilizer)


This site generates both dry and liquid organic fertilizer products from raw poultry manure. The site is owned by Farm Nutrients.

GPS Location:

423906”N   933748”W



2730 275th St, Galt, IA 50101


Local Directions

From I‑35

  • From either north or south take Exit 151
  • Turn west onto 330th St (4.6 mi)
  • Turn right (north) onto US-69 N (5.5 mi)
  • Turn right (east) onto 275th St (Destination will be on the right)

From Highway 20

  • Exit Highway 20 at Exit 149 (US-69 N)
  • Turn north onto US-69 N (14.2 mi)
  • Turn right onto 275th St (Destination will be on the right)

From Highway 3 (approximate Mile Marker 130)

  • Turn South on US-69 (5.5 mi)
  • Turn left onto 275th St (Destination will be on the right)


Nearby Truck Stops/​Rest Areas
  • Flying J Truck Stop: Exit 144 on I‑35 (16 miles from site)
  • Iowa Rest Stop: Exit 159 on I‑35 (15 miles from site)


Pickup Appointments Required



Call ahead of time

To avoid filling delays, call the Scale House Clerk:

  • If arriving before 10:00 am, call the evening before
  • If arriving after 10:00 am, call at least one hour prior to your arrival.

Scale House will ask for your name, truck number, final gross weight, confirm order number, and can answer specific questions.


Receiving Hours

Monday through Friday: 7:30 am to 4:00 pm. All trucks arriving before 4:00 pm will be loaded. No trucks will be loaded on Saturday or Sunday.


Driver’s Sign-in Required



On Arrival

Truckers will need to provide the following information on the intercom at the loading scale to the Scale House. If there is no answer from the Scale House, try the CB.

  • Driver name
  • Truck number
  • Load weight
  • Dealer customer
  • Order number
Onsite Communication

Use the intercom at the loading scale to communicate with the Scale House. If Scale House is unavailable call Crew Supervisor (Delano Teslik). When loading use the CB (Channel 17) to communicate with the crow’s nest.


For questions about truck number, load weight, load number, or order number:
Scale House Clerk Jess Hinman (712) 2911641


For questions about the Kahler System or loading process:
Crew Supervisor Delano Teslik (641) 6408603
Regional Manager Eric Rink (712) 3340762


#1 Regional Manager Eric Rink (712) 3340762
#2 Scale House Clerk Jess Hinman (712) 2911641
Posted signage

English only. Bilingual speaking workers (Spanish-English) may be on-site.


Overnight or Break Parking



Portable Toilets Availability

Farm Nutrients has made a portable toilet available for your use. Please help us keep it clean. See the picture of the Site Aerial View below for the location of the toilet.


Trucks filled on a first come first serve basis


Site Aerial View and Traffic Flow
Facility Scale and Dry Load-Out Entrance Looking SE from the Road.
Facility Challenges/​Hazards
  • The facility roads are narrow. Expect some two-way traffic where signs are posted.
  • This is an active worksite. Please be safe and courteous of workers and equipment operators.
  • This facility is very dusty. When loading from a full hopper, we suggest that drivers avoid pulling air from outdoors into their truck by rolling up windows and turning the heater/​air conditioner to the recirculating mode.
  • Whenever the belt is running and loading the hopper, we suggest drivers turn off their trucks to avoid plugging the air filter.


Backing-Blindside Situations



Average wait time before filling

Maximum 30 minutes.


Average filling time
  • If the hopper is pre-filled, it will take approximately 30 minutes to load a truck
  • If the hopper is empty, it will take 30 minutes to fill the hopper and 30 minutes to load a truck (for a total load time of 60 minutes)
  • The hopper can be filled and ready to load if the trucker gives a one-hour notice of arrival to the Scale House.


Equipment Used for Loading

All loading is done from overhead hoppers and bins. No self-loading is allowed. All loading must be done by Farm Nutrients.


Loading scale

100-foot scale with Kahler Automation Unit


Trailer Requirements
  • Preferred: Grain hopper trailers, walking floor trailers, or belt trailers
  • Minimum or maximum length: None


Minimum load weight



Maximum load capacity
  • Each truck will be allocated a specific amount of product. The maximum amount of product loaded onto the truck shall be limited to this allocated amount.
  • Driver must know and adhere to the maximum weight capacity for their truck.
Clean Out
  • It is expected that each truck will arrive at the site in a clean condition, so that product loaded at the site will not be contaminated by the contents in the truck.
  • No cleanout is allowed on-site.
  • Every driver must sign a cleanout waiver before loading. Waivers are available at Dry Load-Out. 

Download a Waiver Here


Yard speed limit

10 mph


Before leaving the facility, every truck driver should have:
  • Bill of Lading (2 copies)
  • Product Label (1 copy)

These documents should be picked up at the Dry Load-Out and then kept in the truck until the product is delivered to the customer. All 3 of these documents should be provided to the customer upon delivery of the product. If there is a malfunction with the printer, at the Dry Load-Out, truckers need to pick up the Bill of Lading and the Product Label at the Scale House on the way out of the facility.



Truckers are only allowed to get out of their trucks when tarping/​untarping or picking up paperwork (Bill of Lading, MSDS, and Product Label) at the Dry Load-Out or Scale House. Except for this limited access, Truckers are expected to remain in their trucks. Truckers are not permitted any other access to the site.